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Change and Letting Go

I am leaving my little cottage on the lane; in fact, next week will be my last here.  We found a period townhouse in a small village on the coast.  It’s just that little bit closer to conveniences, which my partner has been missing dearly since we moved out here.

Saying good-bye to this place will be hard.  I appreciate the quirky charm and homey vibe of the house, and the unspeakable beauty of the landscape surrounding it.  I have formed relationships with many of the trees, and have finally identified the sun and moon rise patterns along the ridge.

I’ve mentioned here before how uprooted I feel.  How it seems that once I left the nurturing environs of my family farm, I was fated to ever be a wanderer.

This isn’t the worst fate one could have.  I’ve had the privilege of experiencing, and making a temporary home in, spectacular places: from the Rocky Mountains to the Appalachians, from the wide desert of Nevada to the all-American mid-west, and so many places in-between.

But it’s still hard.

My heart is tender as I say good-bye to the other-than-human-person friends I have made in this place, and I feel a deep foreboding that I will never see them again.   I will miss looking out at the Knockmealdown Mountains; with their deep roots of peace and stillness.  I will miss hearing the Raven, who perches in the tall pine in the front garden speaking her strange eldritch language. I will miss the rabbit field, and the badger ring.  I will miss the brooding standing stones that guard a long-used path.  I will miss the song birds that come to our feeders every day.  I will miss the SW wind that whispers in the tall trees.  I will miss the expansive view and the wash of clear stars and the total silence.

I return now to the world of human-persons, with their chatter and cars and clink, clink, clink.  Which has its own magic and beauty.

Wish me luck!


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